2023 Teacher's Course -
Accreditation on Dummies

Teachers course for those looking to become an accredited professional gundog trainer.

Module 1 12-15 Feb  
Module 2 23-26 April
Module 3 18-21 June
Module 4 17-20 September    

Pre-Assessment - TBC
Final Assessment - TBC    

Location: Charlton, Worcestershire, WR10 3LH

This course has been designed for existing positive reinforcement dog trainers and professionals who would like to learn about gundogs and teach gundog skills in their dog training classes.

It is also suitable for existing gundog trainers and professionals wishing to ‘crossover’ to positive reinforcement methods.

As well as putting your learning theory to the test, there will be modules on strengthening behaviour, rules and regulations around shooting, using specific gundog training equipment, breed differences, managing arousal, and much more.

By the end of the course, the intention is that you will have gained sufficient learning and experience to be able to teach your clients up to Level 3 of The Gundog Club’s Graded Training Course. Please note that this is scheme is supported by The Gundog Club, and trainers wishing to teach clients Levels 1-3 will also need to meet their further criteria, which includes achieving a Grade 4 pass with your own dog.    

We believe this will give you an honest benchmark of the level of your training abilities in the gundog arena and enables trainers who do not wish to be involved in the ‘game’ part of gundog training to still teach confidently up to that point.

As well as attending the lectures, students should note that to obtain accreditation they will also be required to complete course work in the form of diary and record keeping plus a few specific assignments.

To pass the final assessment you will need to submit your final teaching and training diaries, pass a multiple choice theory test and teach two observed classes.

Successful GTA students will have achieved an industry recognised accreditation as a professional gundog trainer and will be entitled to use the suffix GTA-Ad.

Your GTA accreditation will help you to attract customers and give them the confidence that your knowledge, techniques and ethics are of the highest standards and are the most scientifically sound methods of animal training.

Course Pricing

  • £500

    The remainder is due by the end of Jan 2023

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