Accreditation on Game

For those who have already been on, and passed, the Accreditation on Dummies course.

Dates TBC
Location: Charlton, Worcestershire

This course has been designed for trainers who have successfully passed the final assessment on dummies and are using the suffix GTA-Ad.  

This course is intended to uplift the trainer’s teaching ability to include shot, cold game, live game and on shoot experience.

Greater challenges can arise for the trainer with some clients struggling with the challenges of the rural environment and shooting scenarios.

The course will look at competitive situations and there will be a great deal of emphasis on trouble-shooting as well as advanced training skills.  

This will be a shorter course with a combination of theory and practical sessions.

On successful completion of the course, students will be invited to apply to the GTA for accreditation on game by way of a further assessment procedure.

Successful candidates will be able to use the suffix - GTA-Ag.  

This is an advanced accreditation and your clients should be confident that you can teach gundog work to a very high standard including competition.