Graduate Handlers Course 2023

For handlers who have achieved the GTA Accreditation on Dummies and/or attended the GTA Handlers Course.

Course Dates & Locations
Module One : 26th-30th June 2023 in Surrey
Module Two : 21st-25th August 2023 in Surrey
Module Three : 23rd-27th October 2023 in Evesham

Student Criteria
Handlers must have achieved the GTA Accreditation on Dummies and/or attended the GTA Handlers Course.
Preferred but not essential: handlers will have some shoot experience, have attended/participated in Working Tests or Field Trials, achieved the Kennel Club WGC on dummies.
Dog experience: to make the most of the course, your dog will have been exposed to shot, can work reliably off lead, had some shoot experience or working test exposure, or working at that level.

Course Curriculum
This course is aimed at more experienced handlers and GTA Instructors working towards their GTA Accreditation on Game. You will learn more advanced handling skills, progressing your dog’s training to a higher level working towards WGC on Game, Working Tests, Grades 4 & 5. We will work through extending retrieving skills, duration in hunting, exposure to game, self control and motivation, transitioning from work to watch and wait, and overcoming challenges. You will learn how a shoot is managed throughout the year, how a shoot day is run, how to run a beating line and picking up team, as well as game handling and dispatch.

You will be invited to join our BASC Safe Shot day in April in order to gain your gun safety award (additional fee approx £60)

In Module Three, you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the shoot and learn about the layout and management of the birds as well as being able to participate in two shoot days working with live game. GTA Accredited Instructors will have the opportunity to take their Assessment on Game during this module (additional fee £200).

Course Pricing

  • £500

    Remainder to be paid by May 2023

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