GTA Upskilling Course

The perfect preparation for next years Teacher's Course

Course Summary
29th August to 2nd September 2022

🐾 Are you thinking about joining the GTA Teachers Course next year?
🐾 Do you have limited Gundog Training knowledge?
🐾 Do you need to refresh your Force Free Skills?
🐾 Are you already teaching and training in your pet business?
🐾 Did you miss the Handlers Course this year?

Then this Course is for you   

This is your opportunity to upskill yourself and expand your capabilities in readiness for next year’s Teachers Course.  This course will give you additional skills that will enable you to get the very best out of the Teachers Course.  

We will cover:  
Learning Theory
Handling Skills and Dexterity
Shaping & Targeting
Isolating the Cue
Gundog Skills and Fieldwork
Choice - empowerment - play
Observation & Flexibility - how to adapt for the dog in front of you  

Course Pricing

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