Handlers course

For gundog handlers and enthusiasts looking to improve their skills and understanding of learning theory.

Module 1 - 14-16 March Module 2 - 16-18 May Module 3 - 11-13 July
Module 4 - 17-19 October
Location: Charlton, Worcestershire, 
WR10 3LH

This course has been designed for gundog handlers, who do not necessarily wish to become an accredited professional gundog trainer, but who want to improve their skills and understanding of learning theory.

This course also compliments the GTA Teaching Course and is ideally taken by those intended to become an accredited trainer before or alongside.

The GTA Handlers Course comprises four blocks of three day instructor led practical training for you and your dog.

There will be the opportunity for practical assessments (Gundog Club Grades and KC WGC) available to all students at the end of the course and successful students will also be presented with a Certificate of Completion.  

This is not a teachers course and does not qualify you as a GTA instructor but it is designed to improve your handling skills and underpinning of learning theory.

This course is designed to support the GTA Teaching Course and will go into greater depth of gundog handling skills.

You and your dog will be working in a variety of terrain including woodland, cover, farmland, pasture, water.

The final module will include exposure to live game and cold game, and there will be the opportunity to take one of the Gundog Club Graded Field Tests (G1-G5) and be assessed for the Kennel Club Working Gundog Certificate.

You will learn about:
  • Application of R+ strategies  
  • Drive and motivation 
  • Transitions 
  • The power of cue driven behaviour  
  • Isolating the cue 
  • Trouble-shooting 
  • How to break down exercises  
  • Arousal and management  
  • Flexibility 
  • Targets 
  • Chains and sequences.... and so much more  

Course Pricing

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  • £500

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  • Outstanding balance
  • £1500

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