What does your gundog do on a walk? Do they stay relatively close while having a relaxing sniff? Or do they make a beeline to the horizon as soon as they are off lead, enjoy chasing wildlife and become too engrossed in hunting to hear you?

There is a great deal of debate, conflict and confusion around the subject of whether to let your dog run free, off lead in the countryside irrespective of whether it is a family pet or a full working gundog.

Which is why, in this 90-min webinar, Helen Phillips and Jules Morgan will reveal the ultimate steps to help you teach your gundog the difference between ‘going for a walk’ and ‘going hunting’ in the same stimulating environment. We will look at how to create the behaviours for success, and how to use life rewards to maintain the connection and partnership in challenging situations.


If you can answer yes to any of the following, then yes, this webinar is absolutely right for you...  

My gundog runs off as soon as they are off lead.
When we are outside I have no connection with my gundog.
My gundog is only a pet, but still acts like a hunting machine.
Chasing wildlife is a common issue on our walks.
My gundog loves self hunting.
I know that there is always more to learn about gundogs.

This webinar is being hosted by Jules Morgan and Helen Phillips. Jules and Helen co-founded the Gundog Trainers Academy to support, nurture and encourage high standards of ethical, science based, non-coercive and effective methods of training for gundogs in the UK and overseas. Jules has over 25 years' experience as a dog trainer. She currently runs Teach Your Gundog in Surrey, and trains and works her Working Cocker Spaniels, Buckle and Raffle, and Labrador, Otter. Helen has been handling and working dogs for over 30 years and training as a professional for over 20. She currently runs Clicker Gundog in Worcestershire and trains and works her current dogs Vizslas, Jack and Dibble, and English Springer Spaniel, Wren.

In the session we'll be covering:
The difference between hunting and bumbling.
Creating the bumble zone.
Having a Kit Kat.
The invisible piece of string.
The zone of proximity.
Training with the GTA.
Your questions, answered.